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Launch a website with your app

Apps for Schools are rolling out a new function to allow schools to launch a fully Ofsted compliant website to sit along side your app. Content can be shared across each platform or set to just to appear on one.

Parents can elect to receive information via push notifications or email, both of which are included in the cost. It also means schools can take advantage of other great benefits:

Help homeless young persons in North Wales

AppsforSchools have provided the technology to power Here2There, an online person-centred planning and outcome recording tool that can be used by any organisation providing targeted support.

It is initially being trialled by several local authorities and a children's homes provider. One of the trials is focusing on helping Homeless young people acheive their long ansd short term goals.



‘Bespoke’ has become an uncomfortably generic word in the world of app development. Apps are advertised as ‘purpose-built for your school’s requirements’... and they are, insofar as a container app can be.

A container app? Well, if it really is bespoke for your school, why does it still have a generic name? If King’s College has its ‘own’ app, why is the app not even called “King’s College”?

Investing in friendships


Investing in friendships

Opportunities come to us from all kinds of unexpected situations and chance meetings. Getting to know the right person completely changes the direction of your career and adds more diversity and excitement to your social life.

An incredible number of friendships, partnerships and collaborations come from enduring relationships forged whilst at school. In our adult lives and in business we call this ‘networking’. But more importantly, it’s making friends.

Where to find an endless source of creativity


We are currently developing our latest commission: a hedgehog app for PTES.

At the same time, Schools are the most indefatigably creative organisations, and it’s always rewarding to work with them to develop clever new apps.

Our customers recognise the efficiency with which our apps handle their administrative systems. This helps them realise ways to improve other day-to-day aspects of school life specific to their own institution.