Sending a clean signal through the background noise

Most problems in any school, business or institution are ultimately as a result of miscommunication. With so many methods of communication crossing each other, there are very few elegant solutions that don’t just assimilate themselves into part of the noise.

Part of the difficulty is in communicating only the relevant information to each recipient. It’s easy to mistake an e-mail for a circular, and if your recipient questions the relevance, the message gets deleted. The recipient needs to know that they reliably receive only the information they actually need.

Our apps are designed to achieve exactly this result, as well as offering a list of one-tap responses!

We use a combination of three features:

  1. Push notifications
  2. Groups and secure areas
  3. Individual messaging

Students, parents, teachers, governors, and any members of the school, such as admin and support teams, can register within the app. This way, the school can send only the relevant information to each person who is registered.

Simple and intuitive communication

A push notification about the Junior Parent’s Evening comes through to the parent of a Year 5 student. The parent can click on the notification, send an immediate response of the time they want, and can use the app’s in-built free individual messaging to request more information. The date and time will also be added to the calendar in the app. And all of this within a few seconds of the notification being sent!

If the school sees that no response has been sent, they will be able to check whether the message has been received and follow up accordingly.

The same process can work for signing permission slips, surveys and forms, and even links to making direct payments for outings and clubs.

To show you how our apps will provide all of your school’s communication solutions, we invite you to try a free design and demo.