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Are you getting the best out of our apps for schools?

It has come to our attention that some headteachers and senior leaders are unaware of some of the vast range of capabilities that our school apps offer.

We always offer free demonstration apps and training with each app, but even though the app itself is intuitive to use, it can still take a little time to discover all the capabilities and learn how to best use of your school’s bespoke app.

Sometimes schools are too busy to use our apps effectively - here's some help

It's sad but true that schools are too busy to use an app properly....
aside from teaching the students, observing the required teaching strategies from SLT or OFSTED, dealing with interventions (of all descriptions), completing paperwork, ensuring lessons are prepared ahead of time, keeping up with CPD, being the face of friendly lead learners, monitoring corridor activity of the more energetic pupils etc etc... there's not much time for suggesting and then managing an app.

Helping schools in pressurised environments (Safeguarding)

This morning a school rang to ask about our registration app. This is an app that some sixth forms use to check-in students who perhaps have more freedom around school than students in younger year groups. Our app allows a sixth former to check in provided they can be located within defined geographical areas of the school using  GPS location through a branded school app that we provide..