Even your school's app wears the school uniform

Sail Academy a multi academy trust


Brand recognition (or brand awareness) is a powerful psychological tactic that is easy to exploit effortlessly.

That’s why school-app development companies brand it as their app. And it’s why we brand it as your school’s app.

Disley Primary Bell Baxter International Music school

For example, the school uniform enables your students to become advertisements for the culture and ethics your school holds, in the way students conduct themselves around visitors and the general public. This is, after all, something the school can accept credit for and has every right to be proud of.

Each letter your school posts out is printed on headed notepaper, with the logo, contact details, colours, and motto. Parents, staff and students recognise the relevance and importance to them as soon as they see the branding.

Of course, prospective staff and students -- anyone who is unfamiliar with the school’s branding -- will quickly come to recognise the colours, typefaces and the logo, too.

We’re the only school app company that puts in as much effort into your school’s branding as you do!

You put a tremendous amount of thought into your school’s branding to advertise to the wider community. And savvy schools are showing their easy integration with technology by having their own app.

‘Your own app’ isn’t just for show, of course, but also functionally to replace the reams of paper and to aid with digital advertising and communication. And, like your letters, you’d at least expect it to have the school’s branding on it.

So it comes as something of a surprise that so few school-app developers actually incorporate the branding of the school they are making the app for! As you may have read in our previous posts, this is usually because of the technical challenges involved. But we have been building bespoke apps longer than anyone else. Promoting the hard-earned brand of your school is as fundamental as the app’s functionality. To us, form and function are one and the same.