The current situation is obviously placing a great strain on parents and more particularly schools. Who can say whether the government will demand schools must close in the coming weeks. Currently, the thinking is that there is evidence that children are more able to cope with the virus. But parents who are health care workers and other essential occupations are already under stress and sending children home won’t help that situation.

At the moment all schools are using their apps to make statements to parents about the virus, once again demonstrating that a school app is the most effective way to communicate with parents, because it is the way all information is getting through to parents, either in social media or the usual news channels.

There is a possibility that if the situation worsens that schools will be able to post homework study in the app which can only be seen by specific year groups. Year 3 homework will not be the same as homework for a year 11 pupil.

We are sorry to posting information as part of our process to attract new customers of, but we are demonstrating that an app really is the best way for a school to send targeted messages to parents.