Help homeless young persons in North Wales


AppsforSchools have provided the technology to power Here2There, an online person-centred planning and outcome recording tool that can be used by any organisation providing targeted support.

It is initially being trialled by several local authorities and a children's homes provider. One of the trials is focusing on helping Homeless young people acheive their long ansd short term goals.

Organisations supporting young people, who are in danger of becoming 'not in education, employment or training' (NEET), now have a new online tool that puts the young person at the centre of their plan. The young people choose their targets, their aspirations, and with help, build steps to their achievements. The software assists the organisation, through designated mentors, to assist the young person to develop the plan. Using social media type functionality the young person records their achievements through words and pictures. They also have an agreed Circle of Support to positively encourage them to achieve their goals.

Organisations are currently piloting the system with specific groups of young people and have plans to independently evaluate the outcome

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