Schools need to demonstrate that they are keeping up with technology.

This isn’t superficial; after all, you are preparing and inspiring students to become future technological innovators!


For the schools that are ahead, the community receives push notifications to their phones about the school’s news, results, events, and even temporary closures due to snow.


For everyone else, a school’s website is generally regarded to be the first port of call. It is a sign of how technology has progressed that websites are not just a basic expectation to the school’s community, but now a mandatory platform for regulatory information.


Alternatively, some schools do use generic messaging apps, and some still spend a fortune on text messages!


If you tell the community that the school uses a generic messenger app, people will spend a couple of minutes searching in the App Store for the right one. But if you tell them the school uses its own app under the school’s name, they’re often rather impressed!


A bespoke app with the school’s name on it is currently about as far ahead as you can get. An app that not only integrates communication, administration and media, but (cleverly) gives push notifications to only the people the information actually concerns.


Currently, only our app company has the established technology to provide this!


Having your own app of this quality demonstrates you’re looking to the future of your school. You’re ensuring that your current students and their parents have a direct connection with the teachers. You’re also welcoming and including prospective students and staff by giving them access to the digital communication facilities that the current students use. And you’re inviting your community into being with you at the forefront of technology.


Essentially, you have helped to design a custom app that includes everybody, and brings your community together.