Investing in friendships


Investing in friendships

Opportunities come to us from all kinds of unexpected situations and chance meetings. Getting to know the right person completely changes the direction of your career and adds more diversity and excitement to your social life.

An incredible number of friendships, partnerships and collaborations come from enduring relationships forged whilst at school. In our adult lives and in business we call this ‘networking’. But more importantly, it’s making friends.

How does this relate to our app?

How a school app elevates aspirations

Every school and college is proud to offer a variety of outings and trips, extra-curricular clubs and help with homework.

Our apps’ ability to facilitate communication has a much wider impact than just sending newsletters to parents. The interactivity of two-way communication allows students to make the most out of their time at school by simply finding out about the choirs, chess clubs, sports events and climbing trips their school offers… and signing up in a single tap.

As a school, what could be a better way to involve your students in everything that you offer than by simply listing the clubs they can join, and inviting them to participate at any time? This will be as useful to the students who have just joined the school as the pupils who love to sign up for everything going!

Your school is already assisting the creation of some incredible future partnerships by encouraging students to mix outside of their normal peer groups, forms and classes. To include this information in the same app you use to communicate with students and their parents helps to enrich the cultures and values your school promotes. Parents can’t always find out everything about the clubs that happen in school, either, so this would be an excellent opportunity to involve them.

Schools recognise the potential of communication not just as a tool to aid efficiency, but also to broaden possibilities.