Custom school app

If the most exciting feature of having an app is to have your school’s name in the app store and your school badge downloaded onto the parent’s phone, our custom school app package means that parents will download the school branded app from iTunes or Google Play.

Your own school app in teh app stores



For a monthly fee of just £69. When you send an alert to all parents or groups of parents or individual parents, the notification will state that it comes from your school

Your app will become part of your marketing mix. If you are trying to attract new parents, you can show them all the school has to offer within the app.

If you are upgrading from our free app, it is very easy and parents will hardly notice anything in the transfer, they will simply download the app and log in with their previously registered credentials, All their alerts and content will follow them to your new app.


It may interest you to know that at a meeting we had with Ofsted in 2018, Ofsted stated quite clearly that an app could provide an alternative to the mandatory requirement to have a website, provided the app is free to parents and easily available, and that it contains all the regulatory information required of a website.