Branded school app

If your school and your parents use the app and you can see that it improves parental engagement, you can continue using the app freely, catches.


What can you do with the app?

Free school app features


  • School's Brand

    Upload an image or school logo and select the school colours for the icons and header

  • Alerts

    Send out push 

  • Events calendar & term dates

    Easily enter forthcoming events into the calendar and lets parents add them to their phone's calendar, Paste in your term dates into a simple editor

  • Contact details

    Enter your contact details, main school telephone number and office email web links map etc

  • Newsletters & News

    Upload PDF newsletters and paste ad hoc news items

How it works

Ask your parents to download the "Connect for schools" app from from the app store. You can send messages (push notifications) direct to their mobile devices.

Ask the parents to select the year groups of their children in the app preferences, along with any other custom groups you want to create, and you can send messages just to parents in those groups.



You will be able to see in the control panel, how many people have read your well as how many downloads you have and how many have selected a specific group.

And it is all free. If you have any questions or problems, drop us an email and we'll deal with your query within a few hours.

Of course, we'd love you to consider upgrading...but it is not essential... however you might be interested to find out what you can get for the school's money.

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