Are you getting the best out of our apps for schools?

It has come to our attention that some headteachers and senior leaders are unaware of some of the vast range of capabilities that our school apps offer.

We always offer free demonstration apps and training with each app, but even though the app itself is intuitive to use, it can still take a little time to discover all the capabilities and learn how to best use of your school’s bespoke app.

An app that thinks of everything

Virtually all of your school’s day-to-day administrative tasks can be managed with our app alone. This is partly because of its tremendous range of features, but also due to its versatility and compatibility with many of your previous or existing systems. Did you know, for example, that parents and students can create their own logins on the Apps for Schools app, so that you can send them timetables and newsletters? You can even send permission slips with a push notification that busy parents can respond to instantaneously. In the first few months of using our app, do check our website at If you’re looking to perform any administrative task, our app is almost certainly already optimised to carry it out!

Here is a quick list of some of our school app features:


Push notifications/alerts messages. SMS texts can cost over £2,000 for a bundle of texts. Our app messaging is free and unlimited Message individual parents or students. Schedule messages Send PDF attachments See when a recipient has opened a message Enable busy parents to reply instantly All of this comes included in even our most basic apps for no additional cost, saving your school a fortune in SMS texting.


Share specific information with a select group e.g. staff, governors, year 11 pupils, parents of SEN children. As with the messaging service, this functionality is included in our basic app cost.


Send all of your school’s communications through our app. Newsletters, social media, calendars, permission request forms can be sent to specific groups or to the whole school, with push notifications that prompt busy parents to reply instantly. Read more 


Another unique capability of our apps is that parents or students can register in the app. Send them individual messages (as above), and included them in secure groups, for example a school trip, or the U12 Hockey club. The possibilities are endless. Again, this facility is provided at no extra cost to our basic app.


All our apps work alongside your current systems. Sync information from your MIS about parents and students, along with attendance, timetables and student reports. This facility also enables parents and students to view information unique to them.


Future app capabilities

Our apps are designed specifically to be incredibly adaptable and as flexible as possible. We are always happy to include new systems within our apps – please contact us if there is anything you would like to commission specific to your school.

Find out more next week!

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