Sync with your MIS

MIS integration

We use a well known  third party software integration protocol that enables us to bring in all the students and parents in from the MIS. The information automatically popuates the student or parent with the year group or other information. 

When you ask to bring in the timetable information, parents can toggle across siblings and see all the information. Students can only see their own timetable, 

This is totally secure and relies on each student or parent having their own unique log in.

Our Apps for schools system can connect with most popular MIS systems out of the box and with our flexible import procedure it's easily possible to connect any MIS even SIMS.... at a fraction of the price that SIMS charge

User registration

Once your data is imported your students or parents can register on the app using their student ID number to connect their device with their individual user information, this can be their timetable their homework or other information stored within your MIS such as attendance.

The cost of bringing in the information via our third party supplier is £120 per annum and the cost of MIS integration starts from as little as £695, plus our standard app package. This gives you a fully branded school smartphone app that students and parents can log in to view their own details. See what other features are available in the standard package or contact us for more information