Government Cuts

AppsforSchools have very close ties with several senior leadership managers as well as teachers.
We are acutely aware of the massive government cuts being required of schools. It may be part of the government's drive towards grammar schools and acadmies, we don't know, although it appears academies do seem to have more finance. Nonetheless all schools are looking to save money.
Here are a number of ways an app can save you money.


Are you paying more than £1500 per annum for SMS messaging bundles?
With an app from appsforschools you can send individual and whole school messages free and without limit? Cost saving £1000+
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As a secondary school are you still paying out in excess of £2  a student for a school planner?
Appsforschools can provide a digital version of a school panner for around £1 per pupil depending on school size.

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Getting compliance issues from Ofsted in terms of your website? Scared of contacting a website provider for a reband as the cost escalates for the simplest changes?
We can provide an app and a website that is full compliant with Ofsted for £1500.

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