When you shouldn't get an app for your school?

App technology has been around for school use for around 4 and a half years. Although the functions have improved massively, most schools are under-using the technology. 


Could this be the year when your school grasps the technology and makes it do what you want and not allow the app developer to tell you what you should do with an app?


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E-planner Apps

It has been a very busy time for us at Apps for Schools, we have been rolling out some new functions which we will be blogging about over the next couple of weeks

MIS data - Supplier Vs student numbers

We have been having a play with plotly (Other data visulisation tools are availble but I just really like their URL here at Apps for Schools, so we thought we would try out some data visulisation on the the various MIS providers.

So here is a quick overview of MIS provider plotted against the number of students, it does give an interesting spread and helps to quickly identify if a provider sits in the primary or secondary school camp (or both)

Download our new secondary school app demo

So you think an app just replicates a website? - Wrong!,uk are pleased to announce a demo app you can download from iTunes and Google Play for Apple and Android devices respectively.
This is just to give schools ideas of some of the functions that we now included in our apps.
The content in this demo is taken from a number of different schools
Key Things to Note

Windows 10 School Smartphone Apps?

We have been providing windows versions of our apps for some time now, however because of such a low market share we have never really seen much enthusiasm from schools.

But will this change with the release of windows 10?

The list of Windows 10 enabled phones is growing every day and with over 10% of desktops now running Windows 10 this must encourage greater take up of windows phones as users take advantage of running the same system on different devices.

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