School branding

Unlike most other school app providers, our apps are individually designed to match your school's branding in the app and in the app store. This means that not only will your app feature a design specifically to your school's colours, logos and branding but also your school name will appear, like all major apps, in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, free of charge to your community.

In January 2018 Apple wanted to reduce the number of apps in the app store and insisted that developers created school apps using continer apps i.e. not branded by the school but using generic branding featuring lots of schools.

As we have been producing school apps longer than anyone else (September 2012) we knew that having the school branding is important to most schools.

If it doesn't worry you, we can include you in a generic container app and the price is significantly lower each year, However even our container apps allow parents to register and let the school secure content and send individual alerts to parents or students if they are registered.

School app custom design

Will my school app look the same as every other app?

We take pride in designing unique apps for your school. Through years of working with schools, we understand that schools want to stand out in their local community. Take a look at some of our example apps or review some of our case studies

Custom designed parent app