Push Notifications

Push notification messaging/alerts become extremely handy when you want to notify your community about school closures, remind students about homework or even to award prizes for hard work! 

Make sure your parents have notifications enabled on their phone when they download the app. When a notification arrives a badge appears against the school app.

The cost of individual school messaging is free and inclusive in cost or our basic app. Compared to SMS text bundles, which can cost £1500 a year and are limited.

Imagine being able to send a free message to tell the whole school that an event is cancelled. A free message to tell a year group that it's a uniform free day today or an individual message to one parent to tell them that their son has bumped his head or left his football kit in school? All free compared to a per SMS cost.

Push notifications and replies

What if a parent does not have a smartphone, how will they read the alert?

Luckily, the Apps for Schools' control panel includes the facility to simultaneously email your alert as well as sending it via a push notification.