Parmiters School case study

Parmiters school app school case study
Parmiter's School in Herefordshire wanted to allow students to declare their attendance in school, without being in a class. Our solution was a GPS enable app to register sixth formers

Apparently this happens a lot in schools, where sixth formers especially, are undertaking other work instead of waiting in a classroom, they are helping out in the canteen or studying in the library or engaged in a programme called Sustain.

The school wanted to register their attendance and could not always put the student in an area where their registration could be taken. The solution was to ask each sixth former to download the school app, log in using a user name and password and select an activity. If the student;'s phone weas located within the school the app confirmed check in.

We wanted to know how the school used this to confirm this to their funding partner. It transpired that the sixth form administrator takes the 200 or so registrations each day out of the app control panel and imports them into SIMS as if a teacher were taking the sixth form registers. This qualified as confirmation.

A great example of the school, the students and us, as developers, working on many facets of the same project to solve problems satisfactorily.

Nick Daymond Scholl app testimonial
Nick Daymond
We are delighted with this new app which is really getting our students to communicate in a unique and refreshing way. Not only can we send notifications in a safe and secure way, we can also update the entire sixth form with events, get them to take surveys and ensure they all have access to key documents and materials. It has already revolutionised the way we work with our sixth form and we hope this will continue into the future. The check in feature has been very useful in helping us to manage sixth form attendance in the school too