Albyn School case study

School push notification app case study
Albyn School is a coeducational independent day school, founded in 1867 in Aberdeen, Scotland. They already had a school app, from another provider. They were disappointed with it in a number of areas. The design, especially on Android devices did not really promote the school in a positive way. They also needed greater control over the content. 

However the most important requirement from an app was the ability to distribute tailored notifications to their students and parents. Our app offers the facility for users to register and select preferences. Notifications can be sent to individual students or parents, as well as to year groups or other user preferences. Another feature of the registration facility is that different content can be provided to groups of users. For example, students can be provided with secure information in the app, which can only be seen by students of their group e.g. different year groups in the upper school.

Another attraction of our apps was the integration with Google Calendar. Albyn School uses Google Calendar to manage, quite literally, thousands of clubs and events that happen throughout the year, so it was essential that this information was quickly and efficiently synced with the app. The App syncs with their Google Calendar several times a day to make sure update event information is displayed to their users