When you shouldn't get an app for your school?

App technology has been around for school use for around 4 and a half years. Although the functions have improved massively, most schools are under-using the technology. 

Could this be the year when your school grasps the technology and makes it do what you want and not allow the app developer to tell you what you should do with an app?

Mobile Website

Don't use an app as a mobile website get your web developer to make it mobile friendly (if they can do it for the cost of an app!). If all you want is an app to replicate the website don't do it....within a year you'll be ditching the app or looking to do something more.

Unlimited personal messaging

Do you need free unlimited pushes to individual parents or groups of parents? Why not ask your SMS provider to quote for unlimited free messaging?

Why not consider this?

In your parent's and student's hands is a device (their smart phone), that can provide an up to date snapshot of an individual student's progress.

Primary Schools are now asking us to create a reading diary in the app, so that parents, teachers and students can update progress? 

What else could they do?

Secondary Schools are using the app to give students their timetable, (Straight from the MIS) and let them make notes against subjects (and extra curricular activity)...an e-planner if you will? Sixth forms are using the app to register their attendance even if staff are not present. Would you trust your students?

For 2017 do you dare, as a teacher, to push your imagination as to what an app could do educationally for your cohort......

... I mean it's not as if students, parents and staff aren't surgically attached to their phones?

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