Multi Academy Trusts

We have been talking to several new customers over last two weeks who are multi academy trusts and have realised that that our product has the potential to work very well for MATs.

We provide the option for schools to have multiple sections and previously this has been used by schools for upper and lower schools, (with those with students in age ranges 4-18), or separate sectiosn for sixth form from the main school. One school wanted to use the sections for different content for each class within a nursery adn primary school. Their classes were names after small wild animals.

However, it is possible for us to create an app for each school in a trust, where the different schools have a section, with their own design and header/logo and their own content...these can be distinct from the Academy's home page, which of course could have its own content separate fromtmhe schools. The school's content is simply accessed via the app navigation in the top right hand corner of the app's screen.

If it the trust consists of a couple of schools, they can get two or three school apps for the price of one. If there are more than three schools in the trust we have to charge a premium to handle the many support requests from the different schools. However this can still work out far more beneficial economically, than different commissioning individual apps for each school.  Also the app could be branded by the name of the MAT in the apps store so increasing the marketing value to the Trust.

If this is appealing as an MAT, please  contact us to ask to see a demo of this in action. or ring us on 01625 572922