How good is your software support?

We have recently managed to attract several schools and it occurred to me after the third school moved over to us that there was a common theme developing.
In all cases these schools had apps or websites with other companies and couldn't say why they wanted to change, but within a few days I got emails from them saying that they were really pleased that Idea Farm always responded to their emails and their calls.
I then realised that many companies offering support and maintenance contracts are not providing the support service perhaps because they haven't costed the facility.
We alwayts knew we would need tyo provide support for schools.
But let's be clear it's more to do with changing personnel in schools and changing software requriements...anyone who has developed anything for Apple will know that their criteria are always changing and developers particularly app developers have to be alert to the changes and ensure that they help customers.
Most of our support is handled by Laurence Stanley, although we all help out when needed. 
We will upload a newsletter or a change to your app if you are not near an internet connection but need something changing.
We will remove and replace an image if there's a requirement.
We will even do design changes within reason, once a term is probably acceptable, once a week probably not!
Whether you can't do something, or you want a hard coded change making to your app we aim to respond within one working day.
Give us a shout, we try really hard to provide a high class support service as well as an excellent product