Hard times in education

Most people who are involved in education are aware of the difficulty of funding in education. Government cuts, possibly forcing schools to consider acadamisation are happening every day.
We at appsforschools are acutely aware of this. We ar also acutely aware of two other things in education. First that we are at the bottom line trying to sell our products into schools and in order to do this price is important for most schools. Secondly that eae of use and simplification of administration time must be of paramount importance.

We ae currently working on a simplified web site solution for schools which also includes an app as well as unlimited individual and group messaging. We intend to price this extremely competitively...savings chools money on their SMS messaging as well as their website  costs....our aim is to save schools several thousand pounds per year.

Necessarily the website will be simplified, but we will ensure that it atisfies all ofsted requirements in terms of dissemination of school information. We ill also ensure that there is one cotnrol panel for school's website, app and messaging.

If this has some appeal to your school and yo ar under the threat of draconian budget cuts, please get in contact with us.