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When you shouldn't get an app for your school?

App technology has been around for school use for around 4 and a half years. Although the functions have improved massively, most schools are under-using the technology. 


Could this be the year when your school grasps the technology and makes it do what you want and not allow the app developer to tell you what you should do with an app?


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How to launch your AppsforSchool

The success of your app as a parental communication, may well lie in how you launch your app. We provide a QR code and a download page for all devices, Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry...but one school in Haringey set everyone talking last Friday by attaching a photocopy of the QR code onto the children's backs as they ran around the school.

This ensured that all the children knew about the app and that parents joined in the fun scanning the QR code into their phones, or at least visually being made conscious of the app's existence.

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