Improving Your Schools Digital Identity

You've probably read articles about creating a professional web presence for yourself. Have you ever considered how improving your schools digital identity can help? From websites to Twitter accounts, there are plenty of tools available at your fingertips which can help with parental communication, marketing and even homework distribution.

Throughout this article, I'll run through a number of different tools which have almost become neceseties, with the aim of improving your schools digital identity. Let me know how you have improved your schools digital identity at @LaurenceStanley!


What is a digital identity?

To put it simply, a digital identity is anything digital that the general public can see. This can include email addresses, school websites, a smartphone app, a school website etc. You wouldn't arrive at a press conference in a track suit, so why not put the same thought process towards your digital identity?


Design a School Website

Blackheath WebsiteA suprising amount of schools don't have a website online. If they do, they are often out-dated with little to no useful information. When you are looking to design a school website, remember to include information such as term dates, prospectus information, upcoming events and perhaps even a blog. Blogs can be a great way to give students experience in writing on an online platform. It's also very nice for the parents to see their childrens jouranlistic potentials!



School Smartphone App

Apps for schoolsAn increasing amount of schools are releasing branded smartphone apps for parental communication, pupil communication and a whole range of other reasons. With Push Notifications, it is now easier than ever to send important information to parents such as school closures or even a helpful reminder about a school trip! School smartphone apps are also a great place to store useful information such as term dates, prospectus information and contact info. The ability to call, email and get directions to the school at the click of a button will only help to keep the parents happy and spreading good words about your school.



School Twitter

Twitter LogoWith the majority of teens using social media along with many of their parents, it only makes sense that you take advantage of this incredible platform to improve your schools digital identity. It's suprising how much useful information you can share with 140 characters. Keep your staff, pupils and parents up to date with school news and engage with the local community. Don't have the time to update multiple social network channels? No problem! There's lots of handy tools about that allow you to schedule your tweets such as Hootsuite, for example.



School Facebook

Facebook LogoConsidering Facebook is currently blocked at most schools (along with Twitter!), it seems silly that your school should have a presence on there. Think again! Welcome to the digitial age where children and parents alike are keeping in touch via platforms such as this. Features such as Facebook Groups can be incredibly handy with organising school trips, distributing homework or engaging pupils in topical debates. Security is always an issue when dealing with social media for schools. Luckily, Facebook have developed Groups for Schools. This free service ensures that only pupils from your school can access your schools groups


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