Geo-registration of pupils good idea or subversive monitoring?

Apps for Schools have just released our first app with the facility for sixth formers to register via a geo-location function within the school's smartphone app. The student downloads the app and registers as a user. When they need to notify school that they are in school, they register within the app. The app users their geo location positioning and asks them what activity they are engaged in. This activity is presented as a drop down list from

  • "Music Lesson",
  • "Early Exam Start" 
  • "Absent Form Tutor"

If the student's phone is within the school grounds, the student is registered and the school has a record of the time and the location.

The first question we have been asked is, what if the students give their phone to a friend to register? Without being rude, this is probably the most silliest question  and our stock answer is clearly don't know many six formers if you think they can be parted from their phone for any period of time?

However, a few people have raised wider concerns. Namely whether this kind of monitoring of the student's whereabouts is healthy and doesn't intrude on the student's rights.

What do you think?

If you need any more information on this and other functions that can be included in a school smartphone app please cotnact Idea Farm on 01625 572922