Download our new secondary school app demo

So you think an app just replicates a website? - Wrong!,uk are pleased to announce a demo app you can download from iTunes and Google Play for Apple and Android devices respectively.
This is just to give schools ideas of some of the functions that we now included in our apps.
The content in this demo is taken from a number of different schools
Key Things to Note

  • The design can be tailored to your school colours, your school logo and your school photos. So the whole app will be your own school.
  • Content can be updated automatically direct from the back office of your website
  • Parents and students, staff and SLT can register as users. Once registered they can select to receive filtered notifications and even individual notifications. Secure areas can be created accessible only by groups of registered users. E.g Staff only areas for calendars and letters, Homework setting. Even SEN unique areas.
  • Check enables student registers tob e taken whilst students are in school but not necessarily in front of a member of staff, uses GPS trechnology to determine student location.
  • SIMS content can be integrated into the app for individual student content shared securely with regisitered users: parents or students.

        SIMS CONTENT   

  1. Timetables
  2. Attendance
  3. Progress
  4. Forecast grades
  5. Homework

If you wish to view individual content or receive an individual notification contact us and we will set up a trial individual user account to demo this facility.
01625 572922