Checking In With School Registration App!

Parmiter's Geo-location app

Hertfordshire school uses mobile phone app to take  Sixth Form register.

Parmiter's School near Watford has started using a mobile phone app to enable Sixth Form students to register their attendance whilst in school, but away from the classroom.

The app was commissioned by the school and developed by Cheshire based company Idea Farm,“AppsforSchools” within their basic school app.

Previously, many Sixth Formers in school were unable to declare their attendance, for instance if they were undertaking prefect duties or tutoring younger students. The app uses GPS location software in the students’ phones to verify that students are in school. The App is downloaded onto the student’s own device and checks in with the App’s Control Software. Their location is geo-located to school within an agreed tolerance. The students select their status from a drop-down list of activities, such as 'Sports Training', ‘Music Lesson’, ‘Assembly’ or ‘Early Exam Start’. Their registration is recorded and the school accepts this for statutory requirements.

This year, “Appsforschools” has launched the facility for users to log in to the app, so that schools can send filtered and individual push notifications to parents and students who can reply within the notification. Whether the school wishes to send a reminder about Year 7 Parents Evening or  send a specific student a notification that their personal statement is due in the morning, this can be accomplished using the phone app. The app also enables the dissemination of secure content, so that individual information is sent, for example homework, reports or forecast grades which can be imported from the school’s Management Information System.

Nick Daymond, Parmiter's Head Teacher said "We are delighted with this new app which is really getting our students to communicate in a unique and refreshing way. Not only can we send notifications in a safe and secure way, we can also update the entire sixth form with events, get them to take surveys and ensure they all have access to key documents and materials. It has already revolutionised the way we work with our sixth form and we hope this will continue into the future. The check in feature has been very useful in helping us to manage sixth form attendance in the school too".


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