5 Really Useful Educational Apps

I decided to put this short article together as a quick look down the App Stores top 10 educational apps, reveals nothing but driving theory test apps. I’ve picked 5 from each and every corner of the educational world, in order to give a broader picture of the types of apps that are available. What’s your favourite educational app? Tweet me at @LaurenceStanley to get in touch!

Learn German by Mind Snacks

Price: Free!
I’ve aways been fond of the idea of speaking German so decided to download Learn German by Mind Snacks a few months back. It does what it says on the tin in a fun, all ages friendly way with games such as Word Birds and Bloon. Rewarding you with stickers and badges as you progress alongside lots of helpful tips, it can get fairly addictive!
Learn German Educational App
Verdict: My personal favourite. Lots of great mini games with helpful hints along the way!

StarTracker Lite

Price: Free!
Every parent thinks their child is a star. Well now they can study the stars through this wonderfully neat app, StarTracker Lite! Lots of handy graphics help explain where the various names of star signs originated from. Simply point the device towards the sky and gaze at stars, constellations and deep sky objects. 
StarTracker Educational App
Verdict: Astronomically good fun! 

Luminosity Mobile

Price: Free!
The very stylish looking Luminosity Mobile app incorporates brain and memory training to your daily routine via personalised training programs. The fun mini games are enough to keep anyones mind occupied throughout even the dullest of train journeys. Designed by neuroscientists, Luminosity is a cutting edge brain training app as it builds on concepts such as neuroplasticity and fluid intelligence. 
Luminosity Educational App
Verdict: Designed by neuroscientists. Need I say any more?!?

Lumio Farm Factor: Multiply and Divide

Price: Free!
Keeping in line with the “5 a day” philosophy, what better way to teach division and multiplication than using vegetables? The app is wonderfully colourful and packed with fun characters and farm animals to keep your children interested. Children will feel compelled to get better at multiplying and dividing different veg as there are plenty of fun rewards to unlock along the way.
Lumio Farm Factor Educational App
Verdict: Great farmyard fun to help children develop their math skills!

Endless Numbers

Price: Free! (Option to purchase more functions)
As with Lumio Farm Factor, this app is nice and colourful which makes a big difference in helping to keep younger children engaged. After all, who wants to look at a dull app? There are a range of puzzles that aim to develop basic addition skills. Lots of little monsters help put numbers and calculations in to context, making it all the more helpful as an introduction to numbers app. The only downside is that the app doesn’t live up to it’s name with Endless Numbers, as it costs extra to play with numbers 26-100.
Endless Numbers Educational App
Verdict: Nice and colourful Maths app. A little bit of a shame that it charges extra to use numbers 26-100!
Tell me what your favourite educational apps are by tweeting me at @LaurenceStanley